What is SAP Access Control?

SAP is a business software used by several companies. However, the software is not without errors and difficulties. For SAP user access management, you can get an uncomplicated tool called SAP Access Control. This allows for an easier process of access risk management, without being too expensive or time-consuming.

Segregation of Duties

To understand the process of SAP access control, one must first encounter the concept of Segregation of Duties. Internal control in a company is crucial, and there must be no risk of fraud and error. This can be prevented by implementing Segregation of Duties, where one task is delegated to more than one person. This separation prevents an employee from having too much power. Segregation of Duties ensures a company with no risk of fraud and loss of important company data.

SAP Access Control offers a dynamic implementation of Segregation of Duties as a way to manage risk and protection of the company, both legally and financially.

Benefits of SAP Access Control

The SAP Access Control offers many compliance management benefits, and should be considered for any company running SAP. The program focus is on core risk management processes and functions. Access Control is an integrated part of SAP as a preventive solution.

In this world of business, users are required to have cross-functional access. This is ensured with the implementation of SAP Access Control. Benefits include:

  • Preventive check and real-time analysis
  • Approval workflow
  • Reporting in Excel
  • Risk usage analysis
  • Management risk dashboard
  • Emergency success management
  • SAP user access management
  • … etc.

In addition, the program comes with and audit risk ruleset designed for small and medium-sized organizations. However, you can up- and download rulesets for maintenance or upload your own predefined company ruleset. The program will detect and record any movement into the risk log and the preventive check log, making the access risk management process easier than ever.

The SAP Access Control solution is easily implemented and adapted into the SAP software, ensuring maximum value with minimum impact on the company, making it a flexible solution for supporting risk maturity levels. The program is user-friendly and can be expected to be up and running in two to three days.

Still in doubt whether this program is suitable for your business? Contact your SAP compliance supplier for more information and guidance. You will find that the SAP Access Control ensures a clear risk management process that will only better your company.


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